The Last Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko, Andrew Bromfield, Kirill Komarov I am an utter, unapologetic Anton fangirl. I will not deny it. And when I finally managed to find a copy of The Last Watch at Borders, I did not hold back my squeal of joy.

Though not as good as the first three, this remains one of my favorite fantasy series. At times the writing seemed lazy, the humor was a little more base than what I had come to expect, and certain parts were more self-aware (of the popularity of the books/movies, at times a not-so-subtle *nudgewink* to the reader without any of the sly wit that should accompany it), but overall, still a damn fine addition to the Night Watch series. (Funny fact: instead of typing "addition" just there, I first typed "addiction" on accident. Fitting, though. These books have become my crack.) Overall very entertaining, and though I missed the main setting being Moscow, Last Watch was thoroughly enjoyable and maintained all the suspense that made the previous three such page-turners.