Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain An interesting and in depth study of introverts, their behavior, and their thought processes. In some respects Susan Cain nailed her descriptions of introversion, especially in the brief passages concerning individuals who seem to behave like extroverts while still needing plenty of time alone to re-center themselves and recharge after the energy drain that is socializing in groups. However, I feel some of the studies and professional opinions she references can be viewed with some suspicion, for saying things like "many experts think" or "some studies suggest" are often flags for misinformation. While reading, note her favored use of words like "many", "some", and "often". How many? Three or three hundred? How often? These things are never clarified, often no names are given in relation to studies or even opinion, and I worry this leads to misguided assumptions. Additionally, she begins to lose focus in the final quarter of the book, which is intriguing but not entirely on task.

Overall a good read, quick and anecdotal. For introverts (or even introverted extroverts), this might be a good book to hand over to a close friend or significant other who doesn't quite "get" the mindset and the specialized needs of an introverted individual.