London: The Autobiography. Edited by Jon E. Lewis - Jon E. Lewis Cut a third of the entries and this book would be fantastic. The vast majority of offerings were vivid and engrossing, an excellent selection, but unfortunately a fair number did nothing but inspire me to skip to the next section. Not all of this can be blamed on Lewis, as certain subjects should have been fascinating but were dead on arrival courtesy of the original writer. What Lewis can be held responsible for are the number of articles that gave me a "WTF? Why is this even included?" reaction, as the subject matter had only minor connections to the overall theme or were so useless and boring that common sense should have landed them in the scrap pile. Just because you unearthed the material, Jon, doesn't mean you have to use it.

Recommendation: skip around, read what interests you and flip past what doesn't hold your attention. Don't get bogged down, which would be easy with a volume of this size, because there's a lot of great reading within these pages if you can find it.