Diary of an Exercise Addict - Peach Friedman This should really be two and a half stars, but I round down.

Diary of an Exercise Addict was good, an easy and relatively quick read that for the most part held my attention. Unfortunately she wandered away from the point quite often--I wasn't particularly concerned about her relationships or sex life, mainly because that wasn't what I was reading this for. More about her interaction with her family would and less about various romantic interests have been great; don't tell me that a woman has to be an individual and find herself outside of romantic attachments, all the while using those same intimate relationships to mark the milestones of recovery. Also? Didn't give a damn about her sex life.

If Friedman had focused more on her disorder, even if all she did was cut out the extraneous bits, an additional star would have been given for the massive improvement.

At times this felt like a public service announcement, a giveaway that Friedman has done some public speaking on the matter, and for a subject so rooted in emotions, that so overwhelms the senses, this work has a strange lack of emotion. A little too whitewashed to stand up in the genre, at least for my tastes.