Love In A Dark Time - Colm Tóibín A wonderful series of essays on homosexual artists, with a heavy emphasis on writers but also including painters and filmmakers. The connecting theme is the homosexuality of Tóibín's subjects, but the true focus is on their work, not their sexuality. The first section on Wilde is longer than the others and correspondingly more in depth, but all of these pieces are an overview, not a critical study or presentation of their depths. Consider it an introduction to the artistic side of gay history, and enjoy it for Tóibín's style, intelligence, and keen observations. (As another reviewer already stated, the explanation for Wilde's attachment to Alfred, despite the ruinous nature of their relationship, is one of the best I've read.) The beginnings essays are strong and well-written, while the ones near the end are a bit weaker. A great read from a much-needed perspective.