Naked Lunch - William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz, Barry Miles Meh. Recognizing the historical significance of a work doesn't necessarily make it good or worth reading all the way through. There's no arguing that Naked Lunch has incredible significance in the literary sphere and the larger world of free speech, published with a boom and an obscenity trial, experimental writing at its best and most incendiary. However, that being said...I didn't find it enjoyable. I didn't find it all that shocking (de Sade did sexual violence long before this, and sadly, drug abuse and addiction is too familiar to be truly surprising), and I didn't find it particularly engaging. So much of his other work is more accessible, more enjoyable, and not presented by the literary elitists with so much pretentious "I got it, you're just not cool enough" bullshit. Faced with an inability to actually connect with the material (Burrough's intent or my own fault?), I got it, but I was mostly just bored after the first fifty pages or so.

Yes, it's entirely possible I'm just a literary heathen.