The Early Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 3: 1923-1927 - Anaïs Nin A more succinct read than Vol. 2 with more emotional impact. Nin has grown up (or at least is working towards that, depending on your POV), and it's here that things start to get really interesting. Several events and decisions that play major roles later in her life are set up in these pages, like the gun introduced in the first act that will, of course, go off in the third. Nin's journals, although not technically a linear story, are as plot-driven as any real woman's journal could possibly be, reflective of a woman who actually lived. In earlier volumes, the wide-eyed naivete with which Nin presented hersef felt sincere, if overly dramatic, but here it begins to ring false, a very subtle change that makes one think that this was the point where she became a bit of a bitch. Love it or hate it, this contributes greatly to making her more interesting, less of a doll and more of a flesh and blood woman capable of experiencing and writing Henry and June. Excellent.