A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess No rating - I only managed to get through a couple chapters before putting it back on the shelf. Even that much earned a visceral reaction from me, so I respect that and give Burgess credit where it's due. But the made up lingo so casually slung around was too overdone and, while it may be great for some people, it wasn't worth translating just to read escalating violence. (I'm not squeamish about (ultra) violence, as a general rule, but rape makes me so insanely uncomfortable that the book had better be damn well worth it for me to sit through it. Multiple times.) Overall Clockwork Orange just wasn't for me.

The introduction, however, was fantastic. Yes, I'm a bit odd.

Maybe it's a classic, maybe I'm a literary heathen, and I'm definitely in the minority on this one, but to each their literary own.