The Steampunk Gazette - Major Tinker Obviously this is a niche book, one that those not interested in the steampunk culture will likely never pick up. Those heavily involved in steampunk or with just a passing interest, however, will find this a fun, fantastical read.

And yet even those who couldn't care less about the movement will do a double take when they pass it on the shelf, because if nothing else this book is gorgeous. From the slick cover to the abundance of pictures inside, The Steampunk Gazette is eye candy on a grand, theatrical scale. Glossy pages, magazine-style formatting, high quality pictures of every aspect of steampunk you can imagine...breathtakingly beautiful.

Beyond the pictures, the reading material is also quite nice. No entry goes particularly in depth, but that doesn't seem the be the point of the book. This is an overview, a flavorful, eclectic introduction to steampunk, that touches on varied facets and focuses just long enough to catch a reader's interest. What's offered in these pages is just enough information that, should the fancy strike, the reader can take it and run, delve deeper by researching elsewhere. A good thing, too, considering the encouragement of creativity in steampunk culture.

An excellent choice for the discerning reader.